Content writing tips for beginners

Content writing tips for beginners   From a business to a content writer or a colleague, knowing basic tips for writing content has variations of benefits. Lots of business now knows about the power of content marketing, But what if some basic tips aren’t considered in the contents? As a content writer, you want to … Read more

Types of content writing

Types of content writing

Types of content writing There are many types of content writing that are available in the digital age, and understanding these can help businesses achieve their goals more effectively. By understanding the differences between each type of content writing, you can make a more informed decision about what type is most relevant to the content … Read more

Content vs context

Content vs Context

Content Vs. Context Content and context are concepts that go together like puzzle pieces. You can’t talk about content and don’t considering the context. Having a better understanding of these concepts will help us to construct more effective marketing strategies and get desirable results by context marketing. Briefly:Content is the material, a topic, a thing, … Read more

7 Functions of marketing

7 functions of marketing

7 Functions of marketing All of us know marketing can lead to more sales for our business, but the question is, what are the main functions of marketing that make marketing so powerful to accomplish this? In this article, we explained each of what are the seven functions of marketing. Also, other models describe this … Read more

Percent sign

Percent sign (%) The Percent sign symbolizes expressing percentages or fractions of 100 primarily used in mathematics, especially statistics. In other words, if there are 100 parts to something, 1% is one of them. There are also symbols related to the percent sign, like the Permille (‰) or the per thousand symbols, along with a … Read more

Content writing vs copywriting

Content writing vs copywriting Content writing is different from copywriting. New writers need to understand the difference between content writing and copywriting. Each of these writing approaches requires a different set of skills and a unique set of challenges to be successful.The purpose of this article is to explain the difference between content writing and … Read more

purpose of using italics

Using italics for this purpose The main purpose of using italics is to indicate the title and name of specific works or objects to distinguish that name or title from the surrounding sentences. Inflection is rarely used to emphasize writing. Be careful not to use italics as it will reduce the effect of the pen … Read more

How to underline text

How to underline text There are several ways to underline a text or a blank space in a digital document, like underline in Word. We cover basic underlining methods to more advanced techniques for underlining text like colored or double underlines in a text document. We also teach you how to remove underlines from spaces and words. … Read more