Using italics for this purpose

The main purpose of using italics is to indicate the title and name of specific works or objects to distinguish that name or title from the surrounding sentences.
Inflection is rarely used to emphasize writing. Be careful not to use italics as it will reduce the effect of the pen and may distract the reader.

Using Italics

Familiarity with Italic text

italics are used to draw attention to terms and keywords when providing definitions. It is also common to use italics to provide linguistic examples and titles of chapters and book articles in the text.
Correct use of italics marks makes articles more readable and consistent.

Learn about italics and the proper rules for using italics:

  • When should we use italics?
  • When not to use italics?
  • Use italics for emphasis
  • Inverted italics


When should we use italics?

  • To specify the titles of creative works such: books, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, plays, etc. Be sure to write the whole title diagonally. If you have a question mark in the title, write it diagonally as well.
  • Use italics to determine the scientific name of plants and animals.
  • Use italics to indicate the names of specific vehicles such as airplanes, spacecraft, ships, and trains.
  • The name or title or title of literary publications and other publications should be in italics.
  • When a word is used in a text in a language other than the one in which the text is written, the term must be written in italics.
  • When referring to legal cases, these cases should be written in italics.


Italics text


When not to use italics?

  • When you use technical terms or other corrections that may not be familiar to readers, you may use italics the first time they appear in the text, but should not be displayed diagonally the next time.
  • Do not use italics for the title of the book series. For example, “Dan Brown Collection”.
  • Words from foreign languages that are in the language dictionary you write Do not use italics.
  • Do not use italics for book chapters or poems and song titles. Use quotes instead.
  • Do not use italics for religious texts


Use italics for emphasis

You can use italics when you want to emphasize a particular word or phrase in a sentence in informal writing. It is not suitable for academic writing, but it is commonly used in many other types of writing.

Avoid multiple formatting enhancements.
You should not use more than one format in the text. For example, avoid using italics and underlining the same word or phrase. Be careful to choose one for emphasis and do not use both.


Reverse italics

When italicized words appear within the text that has already been italicized, those words should be set in standard type (nonitalic), also known as reverse italicization.
For example, Whenever an italic symbol appears in a table title (which is also italicized), you should use the standard type for the symbol.


Using the tag

The element uses italics for emphasis without making it obvious what the emphasis is. To visually set some text apart from other text without implying that the reader is giving those words extra weight.