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When writing about legal and law topics, you must hire a copywriter who has in-depth legal knowledge.

Authors of law content must know legal documents and citations to provide valid information.

At Undeci content writing services, our legal copywriters are trained in researching, grouping documents, and writing SEO-optimized content.

The field of law requires expertise to write about. As a result, the legal content writer must be knowledgeable of the judicial laws of the country and be able to explain them in a readable, engaging manner and accurate to the audience of the law firm.

A legal writer is someone who creates content about law, judicial topics that you will share on your blog, landing page, email newsletter, and so on.

It can be complex to explain how laws are accepted differently in various situations in legal content writing because there are so many critical legal terms that come from Latin.

Also, It is very difficult or costly to find a legal copywriter in this field because of the expertise required.

We at Undeci content writing services offer a writers’ team experienced in the field of law for law firms and attorneys who seek to expand their audiences and boost their revenue.

Popular legal content topics

In the current coronavirus and pandemic situation, we have seen an increase in antisocial behavior, such as domestic harassment and beatings.

Combining the trend’s legal repercussions and its course of action with your legal content writing program can lead audiences to your side.

In the legal and judicial field, there are many topics to write about, so you need to think about the services you offer and the cities and states you provide service in.

Here are some issues in the field of justice and law that tend to be popular, and at Undeci, we cover them in our law content writer services:

  • Domestic violence
  • Criminal defense
  • Cybercrime
  • Family law
  • Insurance
  • Tax fraud
  • Beating
  • Cheating and Scam
  • Employment and labor law
  • Self-defense and personal injury
  • Inheritance of children and spouse

For more complicated content strategies, you can cover topics like sociology, criminal justice, psychology, etc.

Furthermore, write about your accomplishments in various complaint cases; This can make your audience a customer.

Our legal copywriters can write quality content for your site, social media, etc., no matter what topics you want to be covered.

Law content types we offer

We create quality legal content for law firms, law departments, lawyers, company registration companies, insurance companies, NGOs, etc.

Our content creation services include:

  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • In-depth Guides
  • Guest post articles
  • Social media posts
  • Press releases
  • Ad copies

No matter how long or time-consuming your content is, we know the value of your time and deliver it to you on time.

The process of creating the law content at Undeci

We talked earlier about writing about legal stuff being so complex, and because of that, most companies hire outsource writers to handle it.

Before the writing process begins, our team is trained to do legal research and locate documents and citations invalid resources such as CDC, NHTSA, etc.

These things can reduce the time you spend on your research, finding and analyzing the legal topics and white papers related to your current case.

This process has two benefits; In addition to writing legal content, research on the subject matter you are considering is also done.

Advantages of legal content writing services

Legal copywriting falls under technical writing and requires understanding law and experience writing and reading about the law.

Hiring a new employee and paying their salary for a law content writer, typically for law firms and attorneys, is not optimal. Partnering with a reliable agency that manages your content can help you save your company costs.

Our Undeci legal content writers are trained to create content that highly engages your audience, and that has delicate calls to action, increasing the likelihood of converting them to customers.

Improving your organic traffic

Nowadays, most people find their law firms and attorneys searching for legal topics and then reading some websites’ content and choosing an attorney, especially in this coronavirus pandemic that we are under quarantine.

You are invisible if your web page does not appear on search engine results pages.

With high-quality legal content, you can gain more audiences, increase your visibility and increase your revenue.

We are at Undeci to help you achieve your business goals and creating value for your site.


Fast Turnaround

Our team values your time and money you spend in order to provide you with quality content within a reasonable turnaround time. Our writers know that every minute is important for a business that may rely on it for life or death.


At Undeci, our writers know that creating high quality content is one of our core values. Our team believes that our customers have the final say on what we create, and we evaluate our team members based on how well their work meets our standards.


Our team values your time and money you spend in order to provide you with quality content within a reasonable turnaround time. Our writers know that every minute is important for a business that may rely on it for life or death.

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