Types of content writing

There are many types of content writing that are available in the digital age, and understanding these can help businesses achieve their goals more effectively.

By understanding the differences between each type of content writing, you can make a more informed decision about what type is most relevant to the content marketing goals of your business.

Through this knowledge, you can determine which combinations are most appealing to your target audience and increase your business’s impact.

These days, content doesn’t make sense as text. You can use audio, video, and image content and integrate these formats.
For example, if you have a video about types of content writing, you can transcribe it and make a blog post!

Imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes. At each stage of their journey, we need to engage them with a different type of content to increase the possibility of conversion.

What are different types of content writing?

Below you can find popular content writing types that you should know.
Each of them is described individually in this post.

  • Blog post (Article)
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising (Ad) Copy
  • Social media
  • Emails newsletters
  • Press releases (News writing)
  • Ebooks
Different types of content writing:
Blog post (Article)
Advertising (Ad) Copy
Social media
Emails newsletters
Press releases (News writing)
Different types of content writing

Furthermore, many other types of content writing receive less attention, such as:

  • Interview
  • Listicles
  • Step-by-Step Guides
  • Research
  • Q&As
  • Product descriptions

1. Blog post (Article)

When nothing was, a blog post was; when all goes, a blog post stay.

When nothing was, a blog post was; When all goes, a blog post stay.

A blog post is a crucial component of many content marketing strategies. They are the classical type of content we see each day in our searches in google or directly go to some website to read their blog posts.

Blog posts are incredibly flexible. Depending on the topic and style, it can be presented in different forms and boost your traffic from various channels.
They can shape from informational topics, how-to topics, recipe topics, etc.

By finding keywords that your audience is searching for (like us that optimize this article for you) and hiring someone as a blog post writer, you can increase search engine traffic, social media traffic, etc., for your website.

Blogging, in addition to increasing traffic, can also enhance your brand and make them the components of your marketing strategy that perform well and cheaper than other forms of content.

Don’t forget to consider the context of your business when writing a blog post. In our article “context vs content” we discuss the differences between the two.

We at Undeci, by our content writing services, can help your business by creating a blog post optimized for both users and search engines and can drive leads or micro-conversions to your business.

2. Copywriting

No matter what you want, a copywriter writes about a product description, website copy, optimizing the newsletter your brand wants to publish, etc. With their knowledge, they can increase the amount of impact you want to achieve.

It is an investment in your content to make more compelling product/service descriptions, articles, landing pages, advertising, etc., to obtain better conversion rates.

Copywriters can flow between different stories and topics smoothly and bring the audience into your brand journey.

Think about the fact that it may not perform as you expect if your brand doesn’t have authority at first.

Copywriters can write within the boundaries of your brand identity and develop a strong connection between your content and your audiences.

The marketing teams of top-notch brands use A/B testing to discover which ad copy will gain the best conversion.

We also have an article about “content writing vs copywriting“.

3. Advertising Copy (Ad Copy)

The goal of advertising is to target your audience at the right time and place.

The goal of advertising is to target your audience at the right time and place..

This is the primary goal of many ad campaigns, especially for small and mid-size businesses.

In a small real estate, it’s hard to attract users’ attention and get them to click on your ads or make a step to drop down the sales funnel.
Your campaign can be run on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. An expert ad writer will help you to maximize the conversions you can make.

4. Social media

It’s so hard to find the right audience and retain existing clients. You must discover new arias and test them to how they perform.
Social media is one of them, and it’s one of the types of content.

Common social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc., have their contexts and require different formats for the best performance.

It’s one of your primary means for communicating near-directly with your audiences, for representing your brand.

5. Emails newsletters

Email newsletters are one of the classic types of content we see for too many years.
It can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses to retain customers.

In the same way as blog posts, many variations are possible for email newsletters, from product news, sales discounts, to product recommendations after a period from the last purchase.

It is possible to create highly customized email content perfectly suited to your customers and audiences, and by combining it with copywriting, you can get wonderful conversions out of it.

6. Press releases (News writing)

Press releases are contents your brand sends to newsletters and press outlets for publication. It’s the official statement of your brand, and in sensitive situations, it can be a game-changer.
Presses and newsletters are some of the most powerful channels, and so if we don’t understand them in the right way, we can suffer damage.

Think of the New York Times newsletter. It’s like an atomic bomb if they publish a press release about a brand.
We see other newsletters, presses, and TVs covering that news after a while.

Press releases can take many forms. For example, sometimes, your brand releases a new product or holds an event, or sometimes it’s your brand statement about an event that happens.
It can serve as a powerful tool for brand awareness and public relations that make your brand appear bolder to your audience.

New writing, journalism, or PR are the synonyms of what we called press release writing.

7. Ebooks

Customers can view businesses as more professional when they offer ebooks. However, many companies lack the resources to produce ebooks.
It requires in-depth analysis and research before they become useful.

If you choose a popular topic for your ebook, you can reach a high volume of audiences.
In addition, many professional audiences are more likely to read ebooks, books, or any other long-form of content, and most of them are at the end of the sales funnel.


This article only describes the base information to dig in to make important content marketing decisions.
To make a decision, you need to consider your resources, target audience, clients, and so on.

Don’t forget at most 5% advertisement content. No matter it’s ebooks or most of the other types we describe here.