How to underline text

There are several ways to underline a text or a blank space in a digital document, like underline in Word.

We cover basic underlining methods to more advanced techniques for underlining text like colored or double underlines in a text document. We also teach you how to remove underlines from spaces and words.

This in-depth tutorial from Undeci content writing services will demonstrate how to mark text underlined in Microsoft Word or any other digital document (most of them, have the same functionalities)

How to underline in Word

You can underline the text and spaces to select your text in Microsoft office and press CTRL + U key-combo.

You can also press the CTRL + U shortcut before starting typing, and at the end of typing, press CTRL + U again.

Here is a guide with pictures that illustrate this method and another advanced one.

Choose text then press CTRL + U

1. To underline a text, select it

2. Click the Home tab and then select underline or press CTRL + U

Microsoft Word

CTRL + U on keyboard

3. By clicking this triangle, you can choose different styles for your underline.

Underlining styles available in Microsoft Word

Underlining the words only.

1. To underline a word, select it

2. Click Home tab and then select Font dialog launcher.

Font dialog launcher in Word Home tab

3. Under Font tab, In Alt text section, Choose Underline style and then select Words only

Words only underline style under Font tab in Word Font dialog launcher

Changing underline style and color

1. To underline a text, select it.

2. Click the Home tab and then select Font dialog launcher or press CTRL + D shortcut for launching Font dialog.

Font dialog launcher in Word Home tab

3. Under the Font tab in the Alt text section, choose the Underline style drooping list, then select your underlined text you want to use in your document.

Underline styles under Font tab in Word Font dialog launcher

4. You can change your underline color in the Alt text section by selecting Underline color and choosing your desired color.

Underline color under Font tab in Word Font dialog launcher

Double underline style in Word

Below we describe to you how to double underline in Word.

  1. Like previous techniques, choose your text to want to underline it
  2. Choose the underline drop-down menu
  3. Select Double underline style

Double underline style in drop down menu

Underline blank spaces

Following these steps will help you underline blank spaces:

1. On the Home tab, select Show/Hide Paragraph. Now, you can see where spaces and tabs are used in the document.
This marking will not appear when you are printing the document.

Show/Hide paragraph under Home tab

You can see how Microsoft Word displays spaces with a dot and tabs with an arrow in the image below.

Space and Tab character when enabling Show/Hide paragraph

2. You can then choose the tabs and spaces you want to have underlined by pressing CTRL + U shortcut or by any other way we described.

Underline spaces for online documents

You can use tables to make sure spaces in an online document are underlined, as we describe below.

  1. Click where you would like your table to appear.
  2. From the Insert tab, choose the table, and create a 1 x 1 table by selecting the upper left box in showing cells.
    To include more rudimentary information, such as zip code, SSN, etc., make a 2 x 1 table.

Creating 1 x 1 table under Table section in Word Insert tab

If you move your mouse pointer along the right table border, you see a double-headed arrow. Drag it to the right and left to resize the cells of a table.

Double-headed arrow for resizing table cells

3. On the Design tab, choose Borders and then Borders and Shadings.

Borders and Shadings… under Borders section in Word Design tab

4. Choose None in Settings under Borders tab.

None under Borders tab in Borders and Shadings

The Style section gives you the choice of text styles, colors, and widths.

5. Finally, click the bottom border to add it to your table.

Selecting bottom border under Preview section in Borders tab

How to remove underline in Word

If you want to remove underlines from your document in Word, select the words you want to remove underlines from and then press CTRL + U keys.

Underlining in HTML & CSS

You can underline a text in HTML5 using the tag, which was deprecated in HTML4.

Using the text-decoration CSS attribute, you can alter how to text or headings are displayed.

text-decoration attribute has different values:

  • overline
  • line-through
  • underline

At the conclusion

In this in-depth tutorial about making underline in digital documents like MS Word, we teach you different ways to underlining a text.
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